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TB Dam On Aug 15th 2016

TB Dam On Aug 15th 2016.
Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam) is located on the National High Way 14, and it is 5 km (kilo Meter) away from the Hospet City .
Date : 15-08-2016
Place : Hospet
Venue : TB Dam Hospet
Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam) is one of the tourist spot of Karnataka. Especially on 15th of August of every year (Every Independence Day) 
It's really worth to see the flow of water from the dam.
All gates (33 gates) will be kept open on 15th of August. The water coming out from the all gates will creates happiness in the hearts of every body who came to see the TB Dam. 
Totally, the sight of the TB dam on 15 th August is simply amazing.
Don't miss the sight of the TB Dam on 15 th August. Thousand of visitors throng at TB Dam to enjoy the Grandeur point. Illumination system of the Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam) will gives special effect to the Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam) at nights.
Visitors can also enjoy following facilities at Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam)
Musial Fountain
Children's Park
An aquarium
The light house located at the top of the mount, beside the Tungabhadra Dam (TB Dam).
All Are Welcome!