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Guardians The Superheroes (English)

Gaurdians The Superheroes English Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Belgaum

The Guardians a group of superheroes created in the secret labs during the Cold War gather to save the world from the villainous maniac August Kuratov and prevent nuclear disaster.

Winner (Telugu)

Winner Telugu Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Bellary

The story revolves around Ram, an individual who is separated from his father due to some conspiracy at the age of 5. After 20 years, Ram works as a journalist and meets Sitara and falls for her. She has a goal to be become an athlete. Mean while, her grand father is in search for a fake Ram. He approaches Yuva and sets a deal with him, to take Ram`s place.

Yaman (Telugu/Tamil)

Yaman Telugu Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Bellary

Yaman is a political thriller starring Vijay Antony, and also features Thiagarajan in a negative role as a powerful politician.