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Hebbuli (Kannada)

Hebbuli Kannada Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Bagalkot Davangere
Hebbuli (Kannada: ಹೆಬ್ಬುಲಿ, English: strong ferocious Tiger) is an upcoming Kannada action film directed by S. Krishna. The film features Sudeep and V. Ravichandran, teaming up for the second time after Maanikya (2014), along with Amala Paul, making her debut in Kannada cinema, in the lead roles. Produced by SRV Productions, the film has cinematography by A. Karunakar. The soundtrack and film score are composed by Arjun Janya. The principal photography commenced in Bangalore mid June 2016, continuing in Hyderabad, Jammu-Kashmir and Iceland.

Shrinivasa Kalyana (Kannada)

Shrinivasa Kalyana Kannada Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Davangere

Srinivasa Kalyana is a Kannada Romantic Comedy Film written and directed by M.G Srinivas. It is based on a Philosophical thought on ones search of Moksha (salvation). The protagonist goes through the 6 passions of mind brought to him by a number of romantic relationships, finally attaining Moksha. A complex Philosophical ideology, comically explained in a very simple and practical manner through the life of a young man set in modern times.

Enendu Hesaridali (Kannada)

Enendu Hesaridali Kannada Movie Shmoti Poster Hubli Belgaum

The story talks about two kinds of love. Love of a mother and daughter, and that of the daughter and a boy. Will the mother approve their love? The movie narrates the importance of love and its value in the life of a woman and also how the mother and daughter differ in their view towards love? The movie deals with how the three characters discover a new meaning of love in their relationships.