Events : InnerVoice Free Session On How to Engage Children in Lockdown Pt 2
InnerVoice Free Session On How to Engage Children in Lockdown Pt 2



Saturday, 09 May 2020


7:00 PM - 7:30 PM




Inner Voice(Manaha Parinati) a talk with a qualified Psychologist about Stress, Anxiety and Confusion and it is completely OK to feel so. It is always best to talk to a qualified Counselor about your feelings and get the questions you have clarified hence this online session. Post the session, individual personal sessions with the counselors can be created to help each person for which information will be shared.

This time the Inner Voice comes back with the most important topic "How to engage kids at home during this lockdown". Some questions bother people during this time of lockdown.

  • What to do with the energy of children?
  • How do you get them creative?
  • How do you handle them missing their friends?
  • What can we make them do make this time productive?

About Vimarsha Jain:-

Vimarsha Jain is an experienced and certified counseling psychologist and cofounder of RITAM, Mangalore. She did her formal training in psychology and later specialized in counseling, self-management, and positive psychology. Her passion for mankind motivated her to work in different sectors like NGOs, schools, health care setups at different capacities. Having her around is like having an extra brain and a second pair of hands. That makes your life so much easier. Well, also imagine having two headaches, and sanitizing an extra pair of hands every time. 
She is a naturalist, avid reader, biker, doodler, hiker, classical dancer and yet grounded and least judgemental.

 Why do i need to register? We require registration as the number of people allowed to attend is restricted this allows us to send you the correct details of where to come online and if any changes will be required for the session. There is no other reason behind the need for registration. You can also attend the session on your phone or laptop with the link sent to you post registration.

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