Blog : Similarities between Avengers and Game Of Thrones
Similarities between Avengers and Game Of Thrones

We hereby would like to compare two of the most happening entertainment events this month and look to the similarities among both these huge complex entertainment 

1 - The Enemy of them all Thanos is out to destroy half of all living beings and The Knight King is out to kill all of humanity.

2 - The King John Snow = Captain America are leaders who do not want to lead but are put in a position to want to lead and want no credit to themselves.

3 - The Flying Killers - IRON-Man and The Dragon Queen Khalesi both can fly and kill the enemy amazingly both are rich and have quite the skills.

4 - The Killing weapons - In the Avengers the weapon used to help Captain America is shield made of Vibranium-Adamantium steel alloy which is also used in the Black Panthers Claws and the only weapons that can stop the white walkers is Valerian Steel and Dragon Stone

5 - The Three Eyed Raven - Bran Stark is comparable in every way to the super hero Doctor Strange where both go back in time and see things.

6 - The Ant-Man who can change his size is similar to Arya Stark who can become anybody by just borrowing their face.

7 - The Black Widow is Similar in every way to the Lady of Winterfell- Sansa Stark to conjure up the right back up from either the SHIELD or from the Knights of the Vale.

8 - The Mountain as he is called is a huge warrior who can pretty much beat up anybody and so on the Avengers side we have The HULK.

9 - Let see there are two warriors brought back from the dead by the God of Light and there are going to be even more warriors brought back once the Time-Stone is recovered.